H Scientific Ltd was formed in 1996 and is located near Portsmouth on the South Coast of England, UK. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Dynamic simulation
  • Autopilot technology
  • Navigational instruments and telemetry systems

Our principal activities include the development of innovative technology for marine and submarine fields; we apply this technology to provide our clients with solutions, ranging from installing simulation-based training systems to developing and installing the autopilot controller 'brain' of an autonomous vehicle and carrying out sea trials.

Dynamic simulation has formed the basis for the development of advanced techniques for navigation and position control. A suite of self-tuning autopilots have been developed and trialled at sea on a range of vehicles. A dedicated autopilot board has been developed and used for remote control of surface and subsurface ROVs and AUVs/UUVs. This offers heading, speed, depth/height and attitude control, together with dynamic positioning / hovering. The core self-tuning heading autopilot has been licensed to a major autopilot manufacturer for the leisure marine market.

H Scientific has become one of the leaders in the field of ship simulation in support of the development, testing and accreditation of the ship control systems with the world's only off-the-shelf marine simulator supporting the ISO11674, ISO16329 and IEC62065 standards for heading and track control systems. H Scientific authored the IEC62065 mathematical model.

Our staff are drawn from a wide range of Physics, Engineering, Maths,