H-Scientific Ltd (HSL) forecasts best sales year in its 20-year history – driven by the increase in Autonomous vehicle design and development worldwide.

H-Scientific Ltd (HSL), a leading supplier in control and communication systems for autonomous vessels continues to be a preferred development partner and technology provider to numerous vessel designers.

In the last six months HSL have undertaken the system design and integration of complete navigational control, communication and power management electronics on over four different autonomous vessels types, including Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV).

The founder, Dr Henry Robinson, commented ‘We aim to work in an inclusive and collaborative way with vessel design teams. Over the years, we have worked with many vehicle types, with differing drive technologies, propulsion systems, power systems and communication needs amassing vast experience. The earlier we are involved in the design, and utilise this experience, the more efficient we can make the design and the faster we help the teams undertake their missions’

The design time, from the concept stage to the first sea trials, has also been reduced through the use of HSLs Vessel Simulators, Ship Sim 3 and AUV/ROV Sim 3. Dr Robinson stated, ‘Our Simulators have a proven track record in reducing the time to market. We can create vessel geometry, propulsion systems, hydrodynamics and the environment, allowing us to test and refine the vessel before we incur any expensive stages of the process, reducing the development cost and the time to market’

As a result of this increased business HSL are expecting to have their best sales year, in their 20-year history.



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